Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Round 6

Jackson did AWESOME yesterday! I taught him how to say "I'm awesome!". Because he is. We may have to work on humbleness after this ordeal, but I don't care. He IS awesome and amazing and strong and inspiring and so much more.

We got to the hospital a little early so Jack was able to play in the little play area downstairs for a few minutes before we went up. He has a blast running around and climbing the steps and checking out the trains.

Once we got up to the clinic, we had to wait a bit which meant more playtime! Jack loves playing with all the toys in the waiting room. There is a huge couch that he climbs and a big giraffe that he tries to ride and fishies (tishies as he calls them) he talks to.

When it was our turn, he got weighed (same as last week--we will be working hard to gain back that half a pound this week!) and got his blood pressure taken. When Nurse Eryn wasn't looking, Jackson very quickly pushed the button to start the blood pressure machine! He even got the right one. Stinkpot. Thankfully, Nurse Eryn thought it was funny too. His blood pressure was fine this week after two tries.

Next, it was time to access Jack's port. So far taking his shirt off to get to the port has been the hardest part of getting treatment. After some brainstorming with another mom, I went and bought some button-down shirts. I have NO clue why I didn't think of that before because it worked perfectly! He seemed to have no anxiety and he didn't fuss AT ALL! Normally it takes two of us to get his shirt off--he is strong. So thankfully, it was much smoother with the button down.

After the port was ready, Nurse Eryn took his blood and sent it down to the lab to be checked. Jackson played cars with Daddy to pass the time. He also used his port "tail" as a microphone and serenaded us with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "ABC's". Then Dr. Ghisoli came in, examined him from head to toe and answered my 800 questions with complete kindness and patience.

His counts came back and while they are low (560), they are not nearly as low we expected them to get. Typically, two weeks after he gets his big chemo his counts bottom out. Yesterday was two weeks since big chemo, and the last time we were at that point his counts bottomed out at 120, so we were expecting them to be in that range. Thankfully, they weren't! That means we don't have nearly as far to go in order to be able to receive treatment next week. His counts must be 750 when we go for big chemo. We are so thankful that we have been able to stay on track with his treatments and we are very hopeful that we can continue to be on track.

Another thing I am thankful for is how calm Jackson has become with all of the processes that he goes through at the clinic. When we first started going weekly, it was a struggle to even get him on the scale and taking his blood pressure was a traumatic event. Of course, I wish he didn't have to do all these things so often, but I'm glad they don't cause him as much stress as they used to. Because, unfortunately, we will be doing all of it for awhile.

He is my hero and every day I am more and more proud of him. I can't wait to tell him all about how he kicked cancer's hiney when he is older!

We go back Tuesday for big chemo. Like I mentioned, his counts must be at 750 in order to receive treatment. He got sick from big chemo last time, so please start praying now that he doesn't get sick on Tuesday.

Next week will be Round 7--we are getting close to the end of treatment and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

As always, we are SO thankful for your thoughts and prayers!! Please keep 'em coming!

{On the way up}

{At the top}

{I ♥ trains!}

{So many toys!}

{"Mommy can you put me on the giraffe??"}

{Favorite toy of the day}

{"Look at that tishie! He's hiding!!"}

{Being silly on the couch}

{Pushing the BP button}

{And then trying to take the cuff off}

{Getting his temperature taken}

{Playing cars while waiting for counts}

{Sleepy baby brother}

{Singing into his "microphone"}

{Chillin' with his new friend, Pablo from the Backyardigans}



  1. He is one of my hero's as well and he will be telling many, many stories about kicking cancers tooshie!! XXOO

  2. So glad for all the positives in yesterday's stinky situation! You guys have all been in my thoughts and prayers. Jackson sounds like a SUPER hero to me!

  3. I am glad the day went well. Jackson is a pretty smart young man. I guess he gets it from his parents. Keep the positive thoughts...Jackson needs them..Love you tons.

  4. He is so awesome! It's perfectly ok for him to think so too because it's true! What a trooper! That play area looks pretty cool too!

  5. What a brave boy! I will keep Jackson and your family in my prayers.



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