Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blah blah blah

Yesterday when we went for chemo, we also met with one of the oncologists. There had been some genetic testing on Jackson's tissue from the biopsy, and the results were in.

The most important reason to know the results was Brayden. Would this happen to him as well? My heart has been totally shattered, now would it be stomped on too?

The other, far less important (at this point anyway) reason, is that the results would determine if our family is done growing or not.

The doctors do NOT think we have to worry about Brayden or any future children (that's an IF, not a when). We are VERY thankful for that news.

We talked more about why this occurred in Jackson's body. A person can be born with something, but actually not inherit it. That is why they are not considering it genetic. It seems like it was some sort of chromosomal dysfunction.

Twenty cells were tested. Four were normal. Sixteen were not.

Apparently, chromosomes 9 and 11 decided to mix it up and did something called trans-location.

In the report, the pathologist (his name is Beck Weathers--google him) stated that there is one similar case of this chromosomal trans-location in the literature. ONE.

What does that even mean? ONE other person in the history of forever?? I just don't get how that is possible. It makes me want to scream and go throw up.

Our doctors are AWESOME, and incredibly intelligent, but they are not very good at giving straight answers.

I'm learning more and more that has nothing to do with the doctors themselves and everything to do with this disease.

They can't give us straight answers. Because they have such a small amount of data.

I get very overwhelmed when I think about that.

Overwhelmed is not a good enough word for the tightness in my chest when I think about that.

Sometimes I just hear blah blah blah when they talk about the rarity of our situation.

I would rather talk about action and results. And remission. The day I hear that word will be...amazing.outstanding.perfect.CELEBRATED.

[I am now stepping out of my funk and putting my big girl panties back on]

And now for some cuteness from the past few days!

{Brayden is the most handsome construction worker ever}

{I don't blame you if you just peed your pants a little from laughing}

{matching mohawks}

{ice cream sandwich for dinner? yes please.}

{more. NOW.}

{Jack's new pastime}

{you just wait till I'm big enough, brother!}

{no words can describe how much I love this kid}


(I know alot of family and friends get here to our blog from Facebook, and I appreciate all of your kind words about it. My intentions are to eventually get the blog printed into a hardback book (similar to the photo books you can get from Snapfish, etc) for Jackson to keep forever. If you are a regular reader, please leave a comment from time to time. I want Jackson to look back at the book and see how many people followed his journey daily, how many prayers were said, how much people cared for him. Thank you for praying for my baby!)


  1. Hang in there Jack! Just know that many of us are reading this daily and we are all praying for your family. We love you guys!

    Lindsay Taylor-Willenborg

  2. Hello there Little Jackson,

    You don't know me but I went to school with your mommy and daddy... I just want you to know that you are in my prayers every day! I know that God will answer all of our prayers and you will be better really soon!

    Sheila Adams (Raney)

  3. Oh Jackson, you have never met me but I still love you and know that you are tough and will get through all of this! You are amazing little man and such an inspiration to so many of us.

    Lindsay, our doctors don't say much either and the other day I told someone I feel like I am in a Charlie Brown episode and all I hear is WahWahWah when they talk. Hang in there momma you are doing great! XXOO

  4. Lindsay- my prayers are with you everyday. I mean every single day!! Can I just say that Brayden is your mini me. He is looking more like you everyday. I love all the pics, especially the one with the matching mohawks. Love you!!

  5. Jackson,
    I hope you know me son, Jadon, is quite fond of you and talks about you often. The most recent is "Jackson has a buzz lightyear at his house-can we share it?!" You're an amazing kid with amazing strength who is and will be an inspiration to many. Another great thing you have going for you...amazing parents

    I love you all very much and just want to say again how proud I am of you. Not because I expected anything less than the awesome amount of strength your entire family has shown, but because you have inspired me.. not only as a mother, but as a strong, focused and determined woman, and even more so, as a christian. You and the Markert family are true warriors and no matter how dark you may feel on the inside you are giving off light, faith, and love. God knew what he was doing putting Jackson in your hands



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