Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Praises and Pictures.

A few praises from the past two plus weeks...

Jackson's scans came back CLEAR! He has had one full year of clear scans which is HUGE. Thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts!

Also, the dermatologist called and told us that the second shave of his foot was successful...they got every bit of the mole.

And.......these sweet things made their appearance.

Landry and Lyla, born 1/21/12, twelve minutes apart.

{Last minute belly shot. 37 weeks.}

{Last picture as a family of four.}


{Brayden was more interested in his train at first but he loves his babies.}

{Jackson on the other hand has been in love with his baby brother and sister from the start.}

{It's gonna be crazy at our house...but so worth it.}

Go to to see a couple of shots from our newborn pictures today!


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