Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Our evening outside

{Before I know it, he'll be driving a real car!}


{Sweet brothers}

{Brayden had his dinner al fresco!}

{"Adios Mommy!"}

{Takin' a break}

{Mr. Fix-it}

{So serious!}

{Jack calls this his "trouble face"}

{These teeth hurt!}

{Those eyes!}

A sweet friend came by tonight and brought this shirt for me...

I love it!

Her husband is battling esophageal cancer and they go to treatment every day. Please pray for them! As always, thank you for keeping Jack in your prayers!



  1. Done, darling. Great pictures of the boys having a good time and AWESOME shirt! This is what Jack's Heroes 5k/walk shirts should look like!

  2. I agree with Haidy..let's order some and the J Team will look awesome!! I hope Jackson's Mr. Fix it stays with him. Those kinda people always come in handy. I hope this Thursday is the best for the Markert family. Love and hugs...

  3. I need one of those shirts too! Your boys are darling and Monkey has been spending lots of time with her cozy coupe as well these days. ;-)



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