Thursday, January 21, 2010

The ups and the downs

It has been a rough couple of days. Jack is on the tail end of being sick, he's two and he has a new (ish) baby brother. These things (especially the first two) make for a very grouchy, limit-pushing, not listening toddler. Momma's tired.

So there has been alot of this the past 2 days...

Minus that snowman pj's and hat of course. That look is soooo 2009.

Despite the yucky behaviors we've been dealing with, there have been some funny-sweet-good moments. One such moment was when Jackson argued with me that 9 comes after 4, not 5. He was very adamant about this! Another was when he kept telling me "got to put my pants on, got to put my shoes on". This was right before bedtime so he obviously had some big plans for the night that I was not aware of! Makes me really curious about what goes on in his cute little head.

Hopefully, he will be back to his old self tomorrow. I miss my always-sweet boy!

This is my new favorite picture of B

Makes me want to scoop him right up!


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