Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not a fan

Brayden is not in love with his rice cereal. He's not even in like with it. *Sigh*
I think he has ingested maybe 10 bites total in the 10 times we've tried the cereal. Some of it is my fault. I know consistency is key, but listen, it is no walk in the park being the only adult during the evenings. These boys may be cute, but they sure are needy!! :)

Tryin' it...

Not sure...

Realizing it's the same ol' stuff...

How could you do this to me Mommy?!?!

This was not the worst look he gave me, either.

Other pics from today...

Showin' off his Scooby Doo vitamins (he thinks they are Scooby Snacks!)

Hangin' out with Daddy


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