Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Soooo as you get older birthdays just aren't as big of a deal. When you're a little kid, it's SUCH an exciting day! Now, I want to just skip right over it!! Either way, it is nice for family and friends to take time out to make you feel special on your day. Last night Jenny, Cas (and Jadon) brought over a cookie cake (my fav!!) and lots of DP (my crack!!). Heather stopped by for a bit and dropped off a sweet gift and we sent her off to celebrate her hubby's birthday with a plate of brownies. We had a great, laid-back night! I ♥ my friends so much!
This morning, Ryan and Jackson woke me (and Brayden) up with a yummy breakfast and birthday candles!! I wanted Jack to stay home from MDO so we could snuggle and snuggle we did! We had a laaaazy morning and a great lunch. Of course, Ryan insisted that I open my birthday present like 10 days ago, so the only presents I opened today were in the form of dirty diapers. Hahaha!

Here are some pics from last night...

Disregard the hideous tablecloth in the background; it's temporary!!

Jackson and Jadon enjoying some yummy cookie cake!

Cas and Brayden watchin' the big boys play/fight. Notice her shirt says "I'm Difficult" hahahaa

And some pics from today...



And a couple of pics of my most favorite birthday presents...

We found out about Jackson January 12, 2007 ♥

We found out about Brayden January 15, 2009 ♥

One last thing--tonight Jackson became entranced with Yo Gabba Gabba. It's a children's show with lots of brightly colored, crazy looking characters that teach good behavior. Today's lesson: not biting your friends and teamwork. This is how the conversation went after...Jackson: "I not bite my friends." Me: "That's right! Good job buddy." Jackson: "I not touch my poop." Me: "Ummmm, no we don't touch our poop!" Not sure where it came from but he was very firm on that!


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