Friday, January 15, 2010

Learning, one day at a time

This morning Jackson and I started a new project. The goal is to spend at least five minutes a day on each of the following: letters, shapes, counting, colors and animals. Of course, as he gets older and more patient, we will be able to do it for longer (and expand the areas we learn about), but right now five minutes on each area is about as much as he will focus on! I really have no clue what is normal or expected for his age in terms of actually learning/retaining these things, but I figured if we can make it fun he will enjoy it AND benefit from it. I'm curious to see how much difference it will (or won't) make to consistently work on these things. Hopefully he will gain knowledge and have fun, and I will gain more patience :) So far so good!

We started with letters. In the past two months, he has gotten really good at singing the ABC's! He LOVES to sing the ABC's, and wants me to sing it to him at least twice before bed each night (along with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

He was able to pick out the letter A. He was in love with the letter G. He really just wanted to sing the ABC's and stack the blocks. *Reminding myself this is Day 1*

Next, we worked on shapes. He is really good at shapes and loves them! He can name almost all of them and could put several into the corresponding slot all on his own. Favorites are the moon and the triangle.

Then, we worked on animals. He loved the book we were using and enjoyed pointing out the animals he knew. He says "za-za" when he wants to know what something is (he has done this since he started talking), so he kept saying za-za and pointing. He pointed to the butterflies and said "Gonna get you!!!"

After animals, we started counting. He is really good at 5-10. Dislikes 4, and ignores 2 and 3 periodically. 9 gets thrown in randomly. Lately, I have caught him counting baby Brayden's toes and fingers *heart melts* and sometimes he will be within one number of getting 1-10 right!

Counting his own toes :)

Last, we worked on colors. *Sigh* Y'all he is obsessed with green (greng as he says). EVERYTHING is green! I worried that he was color-blind for a few weeks, but I think I was being over-dramatic. He just likes green. Alot. So, everything I pointed out was green! Oh, well. We'll keep workin' on it :)

All in all, day #1 was a success!!

Some pics from this evening...

We've let Jack's hair grow out some after keeping it shaved short for a couple of months. Just look at those eyes. Mischievous as all get out.

My sweet baby.

And his ginormous feet.

Brothers :) It is so neat to watch them bond. Tonight Brayden was just staring at Jackson, and when Jackson looked over at Brayden, Brayden just cooed and cooed. It was precious!!


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