Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sickly, Smiley, Sleepy


Today ours was a divided house. We woke up at 6:45ish to Jackson crying and coughing. We did have big plans for today (Ryan had a session, birthday pedicure/mommy free time for me, Ryan's work dinner tonight) but all of that gets put on the back burner when your two year old wakes up as red as a tomato and hot as fire :(

So the division began...we were trying desperately to keep Jackson away from Brayden. This was hard because A. our house is not huge B. Jackson loves to hug/kiss/"play with" Brayden. But we managed and after awhile we were able to get an appointment at our doctor's Saturday clinic. So off went Ryan and Jack to town. About an hour later the verdict was in: strep throat. Ugh. So, we spent our day taking temps, dispensing meds and loungin'.

Bless his little heart! This was during a down moment. We kept having to remind him he was sick and that he needed to rest--even with a temp of 100+ he wanted to run around.

Brayden, on the other hand, was pretty happy and smiley all day.

I love the look of excitement on his face! He was very into his rattle and loved that he could shake it and make lots of noise :)

Hope everyone (all three of you that read this!) is having a good weekend!


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