Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I don't want to forget {part three}

Part one {here}.
Part two {here}.

{Jackson edition}

How, at almost 4 years old, you still clutch onto me in your sleep when I try and lay you down.

How you tell Brayden he needs to "talk right like you" but then you ask to watch "Conan the Librarian".

How you ask to touch my belly and tell the babies you love them no less than five times a day.

How you conquered staying dry at naptime and nighttime before the dreaded number two (happy to say all is now conquered!).

How you were SO excited when Daddy gave you his old Ninja Turtles...they are one of your most prized possessions.

How you are very concerned about the babies kicking Momma..."Babies, don't kick my Momma! That's ug-we!(ugly)".

How you are so excited about your new big boy bed, along with your Green Lantern sheets and SpiderMan blanket.

How you still talk about our trip to "see where Mickey Mouse lives" often.

How you are SO excited to start school (Mother's Day Out) back up after missing last year.

How you love, love, love your brother.

How you rock the rainboots-and-undies look.

How you have hair again...long enough for Mommy to run her fingers through.

{Brayden edition}

How you say "O-tape" instead of "Okay".

How you show off your silly face.

How you dance your little heart out, then shyly look over your shoulder to see if we're watching.

How you say "Love you too!" so enthusiastically when I say 'I love you' started out as "Too, Mommy, too!"

How you love to touch my face when you drink your milk (what you called "nu" for ahwile).

How you smile.

How you say "Hold hands?" and reach for your brother's hand.

How you love Buzz Lightyear.

How you say "Me too!" when you see someone eating/drinking/doing something you want a part of.

How you require a monkey leash backpack anytime we are in a public place.

How you say "No be 2!" when I ask you how old you will be next month...we are both in denial that you are that old.

How you are your brother's shadow...but you still manage to make your own mark.


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  1. I can't believe how big the boys are now!! Oh, and we couldn't live without our Monkey leash backpack...LOL. Luckily, Xavier loves it. Beautiful family and congrats on the twins!! Continued prayers for you!



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