Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I don't want to forget {part two}

It's been awhile. I've got a lot I want to post about, so things will be pretty random around here for a little bit while I get caught up.

The major news is that Jackson is finished with chemo! DONE. I am so amazed by him and all that he has endured over the past eight months. Beyond amazed.

Jackson's first scans since surgery in August are next Monday, the 24th. The PET is at 8:00, the MRI is at 9:00 and the CT of his chest is at 10:00. He should be out of recovery by 11:30 and we have a clinic appointment at 1:00 and hopefully we will hear all of the results by then. We have to be at the hospital by 6:00, so that means leaving by 5:15, which means getting up by...insanely early!

It is sure to be a long day full of nerves and tears. Thankfully, he only has to be sedated once for all of the tests. Please pray that his port access and his sedation go smoothly. Please pray for everyone that will have their hands on him. Please start praying NOW that Jackson's sweet little body is 1000% cancer free! We covet your prayers and we appreciate them so, so much.

So, not much has been going on, but I will be trying to get some things posted here in the next few days. Some are late (Christmas), some are ancient (Halloween...whoops) and some are random but for now I have another "I don't want to forget" list. About six months ago I posted a list of things the boys were doing or saying that I just wanted to remember forever, and reading back over that list I can't believe so much time has passed! These babies are growing too, too fast.

I don't want to forget...

{Jackson edition}

How you have a really impressive memory at this age. You get it from your Momma.

How you are getting really good at recognizing locations {the french fry house aka Whataburger, Daddy's work, Gram's shop}.

How wrestling with Daddy is STILL your favorite activity. You always find energy for that even when I'm certain you had none left.

How good of a driver you are already! The first time you got in your truck, you just took off. Makes me proud and nervous at the same time.

How you don't do anything without including your brother. If you have on airplane pajamas, well then of course baby Brayden also needs to have airplane pajamas on! You don't ask for Momma to get you milk, you say "Can we have milk?" If for some reason Brayden is not with us, you constantly question where he is.

How you like to talk about how God made us. Also, how he made your new truck.

How you have a need to repetitively identify everyone's gender {"Mommy, did you know that you're a grill (girl)? And I'm a boy. And Daddy's a boy. And Brayden's a boy."}.

How you are incredibly grammatically correct for a three year old.

How you have a crush on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ever since meeting two of them.

How much you LOVE to snuggle and still want to be "comfy and cozy".

How you love playing "Chasing Mice". It's a game you made up and named yourself where Momma and Daddy chase the little mice named Jackson and Brayden.

{Brayden edition}

How you say "beee" for please, "mo" for more {while furiously signing it at the same time}, "go" for here you go and "hol me" for hold me {Jackson would say "hold you" at this age}.

How you will get something you are not supposed to have, but then ever so kindly put it back.

How you say Choo-choo for Thomas, Matman for Batman, Melmo for Elmo and Buh for Buzz.

How you will hand us something broken and say "sis it" for fix it, just like your brother did at this age.

How you say "Cheeeese!" the second you see Momma's camera

How much you love to take a bath and brush your teeth. You cry if you hear bath water running and it isn't for you. You throw a fit if I don't brush your teeth for an hour.

How you say "Mmmmmm" with a face dive when asked for a kiss

How you will chime in with "beee" when we are asking your brother how to ask nicely.

How you laugh at and look at your brother. You save your best laugh for him and look at him with It makes my heart explode in to 14 million micro pieces.

How you are so mischievous! Today alone you stole a piece of candy off of the table then ate it, wrapper included and later broke a lamp, all with a smile.

How you "sing along" to Spiderman.

These two sweet, precious boys sure do keep me on my toes but I would not change a second of it. I love them more than I thought possible and I hope that they always know how much their Momma loves them.



  1. Oh gosh... I'm in love. They get more adorable by the day.

  2. Precious little boys, that's for sure. :) I'll be praying extra hard for you guys in the coming week. Hugs to you!

  3. Oh My! Brayden is looking so big and looks SO much like Jackson! And of course you know how adorable your boys are!!

    Prayers are always coming your way for that sweet little guy. I know in my heart that everything is going to be just fine and he is going to get the all clear! Keep me posted, I know how nerve racking Monday will be as that is the same schedule we always have. I am sure you will have your results that day. Maybe you and Ryan can sneak a little lunch in while Jackson is sleeping off the anesthesia, that is what Bill and I try to do. :)

  4. I asked for prayer request on facebook today... and my cousin told me about your sweet boy and all that is going on today. Please know.... I am praying for you, your family, and your sweet boy today. May you be encouraged by that. Wonderful blog - so glad I stopped by :)

    Big Prayers,
    Kate :)



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