Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Eve {in pictures}

{We checked on this guy first thing. He needs a haircut!}

{We listened to this guy sing "Frosty the Snowman". Alot.}

{We ate our favorite breakfast.}

{Jack helped Mommy make Santa some yummy cookies.}

{The boys were surprisingly into the classic Christmas movies.}

{There was wrapping.}

{And napping.}

{Brayden supervised (best done in containment) while Mommy wrapped. Notice the big red suitcase that is always packed and ready for hospital trips.}

{Jack decorated his Snowman cookie while Elfie watched. But wouldn't eat it!}

{We made our first Gingerbread house.}

{Daddy and B had some music time.}

{We headed out for our annual pajama-and-hot-chocolate viewing of Christmas lights.}

{After we got back, the boys opened their special ornaments to represent 2010.}

{Brayden was more into the wrapping!}

{A Spiderman ornament to document Jackson's deep love for all things Spidey and a Taz ornament to remember how destructive Brayden is!}

{The boys also opened a Little People nativity set, which they love to play SuperHeroes with. At least they are interested in it!}

{We set out cookies for Santa...}{The blur of the boys is so telling of how anxious they were for some cookies!}

{And Jackson promptly stole one.}

{But at least he shared with his baby brother.}

{Jack wanted to make Santa a picture.}

{Daddy read The Night Before Christmas then we all tucked into bed and waited for Santa!}

Our day also included the usual stuff...dirty dishes, laundry and fussy kiddos...but who wants a picture of that? ;)


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