Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cowboys, Santa and Links

We have really been enjoying our time at home! Lots of playing, crafting and movie watching.

We were admitted for Round 14 on Friday the 3rd and all went well. Jackson was sick a few times, but he handled it like a champ and we were released Monday the 6th.

Right before we left on Monday, we got to meet some of the Dallas Cowboys! Of course, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were there too...a certain little boy has been talkin about them ever since ;)

While we were in for Round 14 we also got to meet Santa! Jackson loved him this year and even spent some time trying to figure out if his beard is real or not. Brayden was not really feeling Santa. He was pretty angry at the whole situation until he got back to Momma!

{Pretty sure Brayden had no clue Santa was behind us!}

{Thank goodness Santa didn't mind!}

{Do you think drums and a truck will fit in your sleigh?}

{Maybe next year!}

Of course Jack told Santa what he wanted for Christmas...a truck (powerwheels) and drums. We shall see what Santa comes up with!

This is the first year that Jackson really has started to grasp Christmas and it is so much fun! Last year he was excited, but I don't think he really knew why. He loves talking about Santa (and has stayed consistent on what he wants Santa to bring on his sleigh!), looking at Christmas lights is our favorite activity right now (especially since we are still locked's a perfect reason to get out of the house!), our Elf has provided lots of laughs and good behavior, we watch at least one Christmas movie a day, and last but not least, we are working on explaining the real reason of Christmas. We've read a few books about baby Jesus and the first Christmas and he is beginning to put some pieces together.

I just LOVE the holiday season and this year I feel especially blessed. All that we have gone through this year really exemplifies how blessed we are to have our family of four together and happy. I wouldn't trade my (three) boys for the world.

Our plan right now is to go in for a count check Monday the 20th and then head back to the hospital on the 24th to try and be admitted for Jackson's FINAL round of chemo! Please pray that we are able to do just that...we are ready ready ready to be done!

Here are a few links:

Jackson's Facebook page

Jackson was featured on Layla Grace today as a part of their 12 Days of Christmas!

So many people have been amazingly kind to so many ways, so THANK YOU! We appreciate your kindness more than you will ever, ever know.

As always, we are beyond thankful for all of your prayers! Please keep them coming.



  1. Still Praying!

    So glad he got to meet some Cowboys and cheerleaders! I bet he loved that! :)

  2. Always! I was happy to see you linked with Layla Grace's 12 Days of Christmas but it really stinks that we have to be advocates for this at all. I sent it to everyone I know via email and facebook. :) Love you guys!

  3. I saw your family featured on Layla Grace today and was drawn to your story. I held back tears as I read some of the experiences of chemo and radiation that your little boy is going through. I had cancer (Hodgkins)from the age of 14-16, had lots of chemo and radiation, a Stem Cell Transplant, went into remission only to have it come back in 9 months, and lost my hair twice. I thought losing my hair was worse than taking chemo at the time =)I am now a 15 year survivor with minimal side effects. I had to be in the hospital over the 4th of July and I thought that was bad but they did allow me to go to the deck to watch fireworks, so hopefully they will do something Christmasy for Jack if he is in over Christmas.
    I took Vincristine and Cytoxan as well (as well as some others) and know all about staying home because of low counts, even if you feel good. I'll be following your site and praying for strength for your family during this stressful time of your life and will pray that Jack will be in remission and healed and 2011 will have no chemo or radiation! "End of Chemo" parties are the best! =)



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