Monday, August 15, 2011


I feel like I've been hibernating for the last 6 weeks! The first few weeks after finding out we have 2 babes on the way were rough. I held the couch down, my house was neglected and the boys were restless. Thankfully, the last couple of weeks have been much better.

Not much has been going on but I'm going to get caught up real quick, list style!

*We go back Thursday to check on these sweet babies. Can't wait to see how they've grown since last time.

*Brayden will be 2 soon and just six days later, Jackson will be 4! Crazy.

*For those that knew our house was on the market, we took it off. The market stinks and it is way too stressful to being doing right now. So we've been spending lots of time organizing, improving and utilizing every last inch of our house! We'll try again once the babies are here.

*Jack's next set of scans are October 3. They are doing a longer, more detailed MRI this time. They decided to not do the PET scan (he hasn't had one since January and was due for one this time) in order to limit his radiation exposure. They felt like it wasn't necessary since he has had completely clear scans since January. I have mixed feelings--glad to keep him from the radiation exposure (out of the scans Jackson gets, the PET has the most radiation) but nervous about missing any rogue cancerous cells that could be anywhere in his body. The PET gives a picture of his whole body and even though the oncologists think his type of cancer would reoccur first locally (where it was before), cancer doesn't play by the rules so that full-body picture does give me a little peace.

*It's time again! The Heroes for Children 5k is Saturday, September 24th. The J Team will be there and we hope you will join us!!
Here is the link to register for the 5k as a member of The J Team:
Click on 'Join a Team' on the top left and search for The J Team.
If you would like to support The J Team but cannot participate in the 5k, here is the link to donate:
Click 'Search for a Team', enter The J Team. Once you get to The J Team's page, click on 'Make a Gift' on the right hand side.
Every dollar raised--through donations or registration for the 5k--goes to families in Texas battling childhood cancer. Heroes for Children is an outstanding organization started by two mothers who lost their daughters to cancer. They not only provide financial assistance, but social assistance as well. It's nice to be able to meet other families who understand.
If you are planning on participating in the 5k, we are wearing our J Team shirts from last year. If you would like to order one, please leave a comment here or on Facebook and I will be in contact with you. This is an awesome event that we are SO looking forward to. I will be huge and I will probably be very emotional and hormonal--fair warning ;) We appreciate your support so much!!!

Back soon with more updates and pictures!

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  1. Wow I applaud you for taking the house off the market. I've survived a year on this market and I don't wish it on anyone...add a pregnancy and you'd be downright crazy to try! It's a beating :( Glad you are feeling better!



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