Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day.

Today was the boys' first day of Mother's Day Out. They were so excited!

Jackson went to MDO for two years, one of those years it was a necessity because I was still working. Since I stopped working right before Brayden was born, the second year of MDO was a nice time to bond one-on-one with Brayden and a really good opportunity for social development for Jack.

We missed the last part of Jack's second year when he got sick and of course neither of the boys went last year while Jack was undergoing treatment.

We're starting back slowly, only one day a week. I'm a little nervous because Jack got really sick when he first started MDO so I'm afraid Brayden will too. Little kids have lots of germs :) And of course I'm worried about Jack's immune system. Even though it's been six months since he stopped treatment, his counts have stayed fairly low. They've both been minimally exposed to other kids in the past year once we were allowed off of isolation--only Sunday school and small playdates.

They both had a great day! Neither one of them seemed to notice when we left them this morning and they were both smiling at pick up time.

Jackson has been singing "If You're Happy and You Know It", talking about the mouse book and asking if bees get nectar from flowers...so I would say he had a day full of fun and learning!

Brayden's teacher commented on how energetic he was ;) He is definitely an on-the-go guy. Every time I ask him if he had a good day at school, he just smiles so I think it was a happy day for him.

I'm so glad they had fun, but I'm also glad that they were pretty happy to see me at pick up time :)

We met Brady for first-day ice cream. They had a blast and by the time we were leaving, I'm sure everyone in the place was happy!! They are rowdy when they're together.

{Early morning bath.}

{Ready to go!}

{So excited!!}

{Such a big boy!!}

{Out the door with new Superhero backpacks.}

{Only green--mint choc chip--ice cream will do for Jackson!!}

{Just let us eat our ice cream Momma!!}

We love our Mother's Day Out program...the teachers are wonderful and we're just overall really happy with how everything runs. We are looking forward to a great "school" year!!


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