Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fun, fun and more fun.

Since my last update, we have been pretty busy!

We decided it was time for the boys to have some pets...

{Hi tishies!!}

We spent some time with family...

{My sweet grandparents whose birthdays are a week apart.}

Jackson showed off his high beam skills...

{Always a good time!}

We were a lil lazy...

{We may or may not have taken Daddy lunch like this one day.}

We went on the BEST vacation ever! More pics to come...

{Ready to go!!}

{Where Mickey Mouse lives!!}

We had swim lessons for the first time ever...

{Jackson swimmin' like a fish!}

{He had so much fun and did SO awesome!}

We started Tball! This has been an adventure...

{So handsome!!}

{There was a lot of this goin' on.}

{Lots of fun!}

We went to a very special Beads of Courage event, Celebration of Courage...

{Jackson's picture during the slideshow.}

{The kids were asked beforehand to choose their "dream bead". Jackson loves his Spiderman dream bead!!}

We got some pretty BIG news once we were home from our once-in-a-lifetime trip. I just couldn't knock the after-vacation blues and extra tiredness, so I took a pregnancy test and it practically screamed POSITIVE at me!

{Already rockin' a lil bump...let's blame it on the third pregnancy and flowy dress/belt combo. Or...}

{The fact that it's TWINS!}{He looks scared but he's excited! And maybe a lil scared ha!}

We were SHOCKED. Very, very shocked. I think we still are. Even though I had had random thoughts about twins once I knew I was pregnant, I brushed it off as nothing. Before he started the sonogram, my doctor said "Well, let's see how many babies there are!" We all kind of laughed and then BAM! Two babies ;)

It is still early so we would appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and 2 very healthy babies! We feel very blessed. Sometimes a little overwhelmed, but mostly really, really excited! I have been pretty sick so we are hoping that passes ASAP.

Jackson's three month scans are Friday. Please pray that they show ZERO signs of cancer! We would love it if you would join us in wearing green for Jackson again!


  1. Congratulations such great news! I want another one!!!! I am very jealous and we will be praying EXTRA hard for the future scans-they will be clear I just know it!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so excited and happy for ya'll! I hope and pray that you have will be able to deliver two very healthy babies. And I pray that Friday goes good and there will be no sign of cancer!

  3. Oh my gracious! There's so much wonderfulness in this post! I'm so happy to see Jackson having fun - and looking great and happy! And congratulations on the twins! Praying for you guys! (And I just realized I used an exclamation point for every sentence. :) !!!)

  4. Way to go!!
    you guys sure know how to pack a lot of joy into your lives :-)

    CONGRATS!! That is so awesome!!!!!

  6. Holy smokes was my first thought too! What a joyful time in your lives! Congratulations on all of your news!

  7. AHHH!! What a GREAT post. Totally shocked me as I was reading along. haha! Love it! Congratulations on your growing family and prayers are being said for great scans Friday!!

  8. I screamed when I read TWINS!! No one in the family passed along that info!!! I just thought you were pregnant.... with 1 BABY!! LOL I"m so excited for you guys - how neat!! (maybe it will be twin girls!!)

    We will be praying for you, all of you and esp Jackson on Friday while wearing our green!! Sad we're missing you guys this weekend but I completely understand - hopefully we'll get to visit ya'll soon!!

    Love you - Mandy



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