Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Land.

{There was t-ball.}

{There was bouncing.}

{Lots of bouncing.}

{There was a visit from the Easter Bunny.}

{There was a sunglasses thief.}

{There was silly string.}

{There was dirt.}

{There was swinging.}

{Lots of swinging.}

{There was lots of ridin' around.}

{There was first-time fishing.}

{And there was a first-catch fish.}

{There were first-fish kisses. It's a tradition...?}

{There was a very large amount of juice boxes consumed.}

{There was a really cute bunny.}

{There was a great fire for hot dogs.}

{There was a canoe ride-another first.}

{There was relaxing.}

{Lots of relaxing.}

{There was night bouncing.}

{There was smores by the fire.}

{There was a silly boy.}

{There was lots of laughing.}

{There was some late night tailgate guitar playing.}

{There was family.}


1 comment:

  1. Lindsey, I want to just hop in your pictures. What a wonderful cozy time together. ; )



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