Friday, September 2, 2011

Flashback Friday: Thomas 2010

In early March 2010 we had our first little family of four getaway. Thomas the Tank Engine was making an appearance about an hour away so we decided to make a weekend of it.

I'm so glad we did because that ended up being our only getaway type adventure until a year later...we had plans for similar things during the upcoming summer but of course that didn't work out!

We fit a lot in during our short stay and it was such a blast. It really was a nearly perfect trip. One of those times where everyone was just happy. I'm sure there were toddler meltdowns and what not, but it's been long enough ago that I've forgotten ;)

{On the shuttle to get to Thomas!}

{So, so excited!}

{Giving the conductor our tickets.}

{Enjoying the scenery during the train ride.}


{So much to see!}

{Happy to pose with the trains.}

{An accidental black and white, but precious just the same.}

{On the shuttle back to the car--best smile of the day!!}

{Proof Brayden and I were there.}

{Quick stop for lunch.}

{Then naps.}

{Two little monkeys jumping on the bed.}

{We walked around our hotel--The Gaylord Texan--for awhile.}

{There was lots to see including some really cool trains.}

{We ate at RainForest Cafe. Jack was not a fan of the noises...or the frog.}

{And then swimming! It was Brayden's first time in a pool.}

{So happy!!}

{Up next...night time wrestling.}

{And tricks only Daddy does!}

{Learning to love it like big brother.}

{Some late night dessert!}

{And some snuggles before bed...look at that sweet belly!}

A wonderfully rainy, happy, full day. So grateful for those sweet memories!Photobucket

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