Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's the little things.

Today was not an easy day.

A crabby (but still cute) two year old and a hormonal Momma don't mix well. Add in the waiting and it's a mess.

And did I mention the hormones?? They're doubled, you know.

At least that's my excuse.

So by the time soccer practice rolled around this evening, Momma was tired.

We dropped the cute crab off with my mom and then headed out. Turned up the music and sang Jack's favorite Incubus song.

A little fresh air and watching my lil guy run around happily was all Momma needed.

Instant mood booster.

{Ready to go!}

{Check out that form!}

{A flower for Momma mid-practice. Not gonna lie, this made my night.}

{I will never, ever get tired of that crazy hair and those gorgeous lashes.}

{Goin' for the goal!}

{Worn out.}

{This is as good as it gets with these two!}

{Love my sweaty, dirty, red-faced soccer player.}

On the way home, I was telling Jackson how proud I was that he tried hard and just enjoyed himself. He said "I'm proud of myself, too." :)

When I told him I loved my flower and thanked him, he told me "That's because I love you, Mommy."

Like I said, instant mood booster.

Who can be grouchy after that? The little things can erase all the ugly from the day so easily.

And thankfully, the cute crab had a good time with Gram and PaPaw and was happy as could be when we got him.

Love my boys so much.

Even when they make me crazy.

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  1. Hoping no news is good news. We are new followers of your blog and journey and have been thinking about your adorable boy and hoping you received some good news!!!! We will keep him in our prayers.



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