Wednesday, September 28, 2011

No news.

Today we went for our surgical consult as recommended by our dermatologist following the pathology reports that rocked our world last week.

Basically, once we got there it was clear that our surgeon (who we love and we can tell loves Jack) had not received the pathology as planned so he didn't really have a good idea of what we are dealing with.

Once the report got into his hands via fax and he had a quick look at it, he decided that he is going seek a second opinion from a pathologist that he uses and trusts before making a decision about surgery.

If it comes back as a melanoma, then he will perform surgery and that will most likely include a skin graft. If it comes back benign, he does not think we would do surgery at this time (our dermatologist originally told us that we could expect surgery no matter what), but rather wait and see if anything else develops.

Overall, we don't know anything now that we didn't know before the appointment and it did slightly feel like a waste of time, but our surgeon does feel optimistic that the original pathologist just doesn't have a lot of experience with children's moles and their characteristics and may have mis-read it.

This obviously would be great news and we are more hopeful after hearing him say that. this point it's simply his opinion and not anything concrete or definite so we are still guarded.

Very, very guarded.

This second pathology opinion will take a few days so we are looking at next week for sure until we know anything.

So, we wait some more. Waiting kind of became a hobby this time last year when Jackson's original tumor made it's rounds across the country.

But, I know that God has a plan and somehow this season of waiting, uncertainty and pure fear has a place in it.

Jackson keeps me stocked up in hugs, kisses and foot massages while Brayden makes me laugh constantly so I am not too bad off.

Jackson's scans are still set for Monday. Please pray for 100% clear scans!

Here are some pictures from today and the past few days.

{Waiting patiently for the doctor.}

{Jack got bored and decided to check the twins' 'heartbeeps'. I really dressed up for the appointment.}

{Speaking of the twins!}

{We stopped at Target after the appt to use a birthday giftcard that was burning a hole in Jack's pocket. Such happy boys! They love their Spiderman.}

{We also did this at Target. So much fun to go down the pink aisles! Still very foreign but I bet I'll get comfortable pretty quick.}

{Puzzles in bed the other night.}

{Making sandwiches. I promise they have pants!}


{Before MDO on Tuesday. Looking so big.}


  1. I hate waiting for something like this. Waiting for something for myself is one thing but there better be a much faster process when it's something about the kids. I'm glad your surgeon is a part of your inner circle of people who love your boy! That is awesome! Praying!

  2. we'll be praying for monday!



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