Sunday, September 4, 2011

On your 2nd birthday.


You are my soul. We are alike in so many ways. From our eyes to our love of chocolate milk, you take after me and that makes me so happy. Before you, I didn't know a little boy could be like his Momma.

I worried alot that you would be overshadowed by Jackson's diagnosis. That you would get lost in the many doctor appointments and hospital stays.

That the fear of his future would hurt your present.

How silly I was. You will NOT let that happen. You demand to be seen, heard and loved on. I am so thankful for your spirited, hilarious, active personality.

You were just the distraction we all needed--Momma, Daddy and Jackson--during those really rough times. You are such an important part of our family and I hope you always know how loved you are and how precious you are to us.

You still aren't a good eater, but you love you some milk.

You are counting...forwards and backwards. Although we only get to a couple of numbers either way, it's insanely cute and you are very proud of yourself. You always proclaim "I counting!"

You are my little charming ball of are always into something and you cheerfully say "saw-ee" when you get into trouble.

You want a kiss for every boo-boo and seem satisfied that it does actually make it better.

You love everything your big brother loves, but you still hold a special place in your lil heart for Buzz. Your favorite toy right now is the Toy Story 3 case. You try to sleep with it and it will keep you entertained for at least 20 minutes...just opening it and closing it, over and over.

You have the best silly face ever.

You love to watch "foofies", especially if it has Buzz in it. Or good dance music.

You are tall, skinny and so dark complected. My tall dark and handsome lil man.

You love to dance, really love to dance. Your moves are pretty sweet.

You have a huge vocabulary and it is increasing by the day, sometimes by the hour.

You have been desperate to go outside all summer. We had to stay in a lot this summer (105+ by noon, plus a sick Momma) but we will make up for it when it cools off.

You love to play monsters with Daddy and Jackson. You say "I 'cared! Body hide!" (Translation: I scared! Everybody hide!)

You love to say "MY Mommy!" or "MY Daddy!" just to irritate your big brother. And then you take it further...when he says "No, MY Mommy!" you always say "Nope!!".

You have the cutest little lisp.

You started saying "I said puweaseeee!" when you ask for something and we don't move fast enough.

You have a signature dance move...we call it "The Shiggle". You do it and say "I shigglin!".

You love to buckle yourself into your high get so excited. You throw your hands in the air and say "I did it!".

We love you so much lil man! You bring us so much joy, happiness and laughter.

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Love you lotsa lotsa much,

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