Monday, April 18, 2011

The Wishing Place.

Last Tuesday, we got to go to a very special place.....The Wishing Place! It is so nice to load up in the car and get on the highway with fun destinations instead of the hospital! We were so excited. Jackson knew we were going somewhere fun. He also thought that we were actually getting on a plane right then...but thankfully he took it well when we told him we'd have to wait awhile.

The facility was beautiful, with breathtaking pictures of children enjoying their individualized wishes. Sometimes it is startling to be in these kinds of situations...where pictures of bald, sick children are normal. Not startling because of the pictures...but because we fit in. Even so, it was such an awesome experience. I truly hope Jackson is able to remember these fun times.

{Headed inside with Mrs. Billie, the Director.}

{Once he saw all of the people waiting, he got super shy. I love this picture because you can see his smile of excitement. I think he had just realized that this was all for him.}

{Everyone cheered and clapped as they went through. One of those have-to-hold-back-your-tears moments.}

{We saw this as we walked in.}

{Headed into The Wishing Tower. A super cool, very I Dream of Jeannie (a fav when I was little!) room. Mrs. Billie asked Jackson what his favorite color was and she turned the lights that color. Any guesses?}

{Green! Or...gring!}

{He wasn't sure at first and it took him a bit to warm up. I think it was all a little overwhelming!}

{We watched a video on a HUGE tv about Make-a-Wish. The video talked about how Jackson could wish to be anything, to go anywhere, to have anything he desired! He didn't really get it...but it was still so very special.}

{Jackson was telling Mrs. Billie all of his favorites...and that his wish is to go see where Mickey Mouse lives!!!!}

{On our way out, Jack got to pick a prize from the magic doors!}

{A SpiderMan puzzle! Right up his alley. And he is holding 2 of the 9(!) cars that they gave the boys.}

{On the way home, we saw a few airplanes. Jack kept asking when we get to go on an airplane and see Mickey Mouse!}

We are SO EXCITED!!! Some many families have shared their stories and experiences from their Make-a-Wish trips and every last one is just beyond amazing! We feel so blessed....for so many reasons. The people at Make-a-Wish were wonderfully kind and I am so thankful for the time they took to make this a special day for our little family.



  1. That is so exciting! I wonder if Sam will be able to do a wish even though cancer will be way back in our rear-view mirror by the time he's age eligible. :)

  2. This looks so amazing! I know you guys will have an amazing time!!!



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