Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Last Friday, we met with Dr. R...the same doctor that we met with under very different conditions last May. He did Jack's biopsy on May 17th and he is the one that delivered the news to Ryan on May 21st. He also put Jack's port in on May 24th.

So, last Friday he said we can get that port out anytime!

Tomorrow it is.

Tomorrow always seemed really far away.

When Jack first got his port, we were under the impression that he would have it for years. YEARS.

And, I guess if things had gone differently, he would have.

Tomorrow will be a good day, a happy day. A surgery, yes. But most definitely, a joy filled day.

{Before our appointment Friday, we started our day with some art time.}

{Don't let that coloring book fool you...the counter was his canvas.}

{Jack showing off his soon-to-be-gone port while we waited our turn.}

{The boys have gotten really good at waiting over the last year.}

{They even made up a jumping game...Brayden loves to do whatever Jackson does!}

{A celebratory lunch...at what age do they start taking normal pictures?!?}

We would love your prayers tomorrow!! Check in time is at 6:00, surgery is at 7:30. Alarm is set for 4:30...ack!




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