Monday, April 4, 2011

Makin' up for lost time.

Well, we have definitely been living.

Since we were pretty much locked down from May-January, we were anxious to make up for lost time once Jack's immune system had a little bit of time to recover. As a result, the past couple of months have been full.

Full of friends and family.

Full of fun.

Full of laughs and memories.

Full of life.

And--to be completely real--full of tears. Tears from fear of the future and the unknown, tears from anxiety about "re-entry" into normal life, and tears from a few good ol' fashioned toddler/pre-schooler meltdowns.

At the strangest times (eating pizza at Chuck E. Cheese, pushing my cart full of babies in Target, driving to the zoo, watching Jack watch Buzz & Woody ice skate), I will feel an overwhelming thankfulness and appreciation for the very moment we are experiencing. And I feel like such a nerd for choking up in such a normal place....but it's almost like we have been given this alternate view of life, and the fact that we have the ability to actually be at such a normal place elicits such a deep feeling of gratitude. Thankful, grateful, appreciative...all are an understatement really. It's more like falling-on-my-knees-before-God-with-thanksgiving type of feeling.

All parents fear losing their child. But when you know the culprit, the thing that is actually trying to take your baby away from you...the stakes are raised. You feel fear more deeply...but you also feel gratitude more deeply.

Each day brings its own new experiences and emotions and slowly we are feeling as though we belong again in this normal world. My heart is so full after spending so many happy days with my (3) amazing boys.

Jack's next scan (only an MRI this time) is Monday, April 11th at 7:00am. In a lot of ways, we are more nervous for this scan than we were for the January scans. When we did the January scans, he had just finished treatment. At this point he has been without treatment for exactly three months. The longest stretch of time since diagnosis. My throat closes up and it's hard to breathe when I think about that.

Jack's favorite color is green (which he pronounces "gring") so we are asking that everyone wear green on the day of his scan (Monday, April 11th). Whatever you have that's green--a Praying for Jackson bracelet, a J Team shirt, scrubs, socks, nail polish, hair accessory--when you lay eyes on that item, please say a prayer that Jackson will be and continue to be cancer-free. is what we have been up to. Get ready for picture overload! (You can click on the pictures to make them larger.)

{Lots of swinging & sliding lately.}

{Cousin love.}

{The boys are very into reading these days and Momma loves it.}

{When we returned to church, both boys got a lil sick from the exposure. Jack's was quick and over in about six hours, but poor Brayden was sick for days.}

{Dominoes, Catchphrase and good food!}

{Lots of playdates with good friends.}

{We did Superhero Schooltime.}

{We watched Jackson's eyelashes grow back.}

{We did a potty dance and got a new car for getting business done.}

{We had a really, really long oncology appointment.}

{We have enjoyed eating at restaurants again...the boys were extra silly and lovey at this one.}

{Lots of outdoor time.}

{Jackson loves to get the bugs!}

{Late on Saturday March 19th, after a really fun day of playing at the park, dinner, shopping and seeing the SuperMoon (which Jack insisted was a planet) Jack started running a fever of 102.3. Since he still has his port, we had to go into the hospital. We got there about 11:30pm and stayed until Monday morning.}

{We saw the fish, the trains and we went outside...where Brayden tried to escape.}

{We had the hallways to ourselves Sunday night!}

{Jackson loves his gymnastics class!}

{We went to the zoo. Twice!}

{We went to Houston to visit some of Ryan's family and we stopped at the Children's much fun!}

{They were passed out five minutes after getting in the car!}

{We went on a walk and fed the ducks at Uncle Larry's & Aunt Debbie's in Houston.}

{On our last day in Houston, we went to Chuck E Cheese. It was so much fun and Jackson still talks about the games!}

{Dr. Jackson to the rescue!}

{Since Jack's counts were really low when we left the hospital, we had an appt to check on them last Tuesday. We celebrated his high counts with cupcakes!}

{The boys love hanging out in Daddy's studio.}

Please pray that Jackson's scans next Monday show NO evidence of cancer! Don't forget to wear green (and pray when you lay eyes on that green!) that day for Jack if you can. We appreciate your prayers, support and love so incredibly much!



  1. Praying always! I love that you have been living to the fullest. :)

    I cannot get over how much Jackson looks like Momma and Brayden looks like Daddy! They have grown so much in the past few months. And those eyelashes...SWOON!

    As for the peeing in a cup, I have to say yes and no, for the last year I have been trying to master this on a child who is not yet potty trained...UGH! But such is my life.

    Our babies will remain cancer free!!!

  2. I love seeing all of these exciting pictures.

    I must also say that I can't wait to be where you are. To be able to let myself feel some emotion. To be out of this house! ;)

  3. It's so good to see your family having fun!! I loved all the pictures!! I'll be wearing green on Monday!!

  4. I will be praying. I'm so glad you have been having lots of fun and are getting to see his hair come back in. So glad. It is so gut wrenching, isn't it? I will think I have it together and then start bawling unexpectedly. April 11th. I will put it on my calendar.

  5. Great to see yr pictures of family fun! Praying for next week!



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