Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today I am participating in this...

What: Moment of Silence for Cohen

When: Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59 pm.

How: Bloggers participating will post the Cohen banner or simply post Cohen’s name in large letters on their blog.

July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen’s memorial service. The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan’s blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day. Linking up will give Megan a chance to see the support at a glance.
{from Send Love to Cohen}

I have been reading Megan's blog for awhile. Her sweet baby passed away after only eleven days. He endured so much during that time. My heart absolutely broke for her when I read that he would not make it.

I do not know her personally, but one thing I have learned so far from our journey is that you do not have to know someone in order to support them. There are tons of people I don't know that are supporting us by praying for Jackson--which I am SO thankful for--and some of the sweetest gestures have come from people we don't know.

Please join me in praying for this heartbroken family.


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