Friday, July 2, 2010

Please slow down

The past few days Brayden has really been working on walking.

He has been standing and cruising along the couch for awhile, but lately he has gotten brave! He typically will take a step or two--usually from the couch or a chair--and then collapse on the floor or on one of us.

Yesterday he took a couple of steps to Jackson--who had his back to Brayden watching cartoons--and Jackson said "Hey!" and kind of shook him off without realizing Brayden was using him for support. Brotherly love right there!

Of course, with all this steppin' there's a lot of fallin'!

Please my poor child's heart, he is already accident prone.

Brayden will be 10 months on Sunday! Where has the time gone?!? It goes by so much faster with the second. It doesn't help that he is rushing things with all of this walking business. I would have been perfectly happy waiting another month or so!

And--here is Jackson rockin' his new Plex shirt. Loves it.



  1. Thanos took his first step at eight months and he realized crawling was still the way to go. Now he's running ALL over the place. My baby is not a baby anymore :[ I brought him to work yesterday and everyone said he looked like a "kid". It made me sad. They grow up too fast.
    Handsome boys you got there.
    Brayden's shirt is cute! And I love Jackson's shirt! I just ordered myself a Plex shirt too!!

  2. They are so cute! And I am dying over Brayden's shirt!! ;-)



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