Sunday, February 21, 2010

{not so} tiny feet

Our babies have big feet.

J's were affectionately referred to as "skis" by some of the first to lay eyes on him.

J's almost two and a half year old feet.

B's very stern hospital pediatrician walked in and said "your baby has huge feet".

B's almost 6 month old feet.

So. Not sure where they get them. We both have fairly normal sized feet. I usually wear size 7 or 8, and R wears size 12. I mean, it's not like we are sportin' size 23 like Shaq.

Annnnnnyway, back to the baby feet.

I have kissed them, washed them, sock'd and shoe'd them, been kicked by them (playing and on purpose), felt them from inside (sweet at first, painful later). And yet when I simply LOOK at them, I can't help but think...

Where will these sweet feet go?

Will they travel to far away places? Or will they stay grounded right here?

Will they run on a football field? Or a baseball field? Or a soccer field?

Will they tap on lots of guitar pedals? Or hold down the pedal of a big ol bass drum?

Will they hold you still as you create beautiful paintings? Or give great speeches?

Will they carry you as you walk the halls of an office? Or on a farm?

Will they walk you into fires to save lives? Or into a hospital?

Will they hold you steady as you take the oath of office as President? (ok, a stretch, but you NEVER KNOW)

I could go on and on and on.

With both boys, I have held them and wondered "what will you like? what will make you happy? what will you be? what dreams will you chase?".....

The possibilities are endless and the world is wide open.

I am truly excited to see what the answers to those questions are (but I'm in no rush-because that would mean they are not babies anymore!)

But for now, these sweet feet are baby feet. And I am so happy that they are just right here for me to take care of .



  1. OK Linds- I just read that and got the you.

  2. Love you too!! Doesn't being a Mommy make you THINK about things?? Sometimes I get a lil carried away!!

  3. Hi I just ran across your blog and it is super cute! Your little boys are precious! Cute post! I love your blog title....
    Have a great day
    Summer :0)



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