Monday, March 1, 2010

Brotherly love

Lately the boys have really started to interact more. Usually it goes like this:

Brayden pulls Jackson's hair or takes a toy (B is a VERY grabby baby and nothing that is in his reach is safe). Jackson yells "Brayden stop it stop it!!!"

But still. It's a start.

The other day they were on the bed together, and I'm not sure where Brayden was going with this...but he sure does look determined...

Oops I see Mommy. Cue the "Who me?!?" face.

We went on a super-late Valentine's date this week. Yummy Mexican food and then...


I was really excited to try them me crazy but they were just okay. Not like amazing, out-of-this-world, OMG that's good like I was expecting. Maybe it was an off day, who knows.

And Ryan got all four of us new Bibles! I'm really excited to finally have one with my married name. And seeing the boys' names on theirs is too sweet.

(awful picture!)

And some more cuteness...



  1. I found you on top mommy blogs. I am also a former teacher turned stay at home mom and I live in Texas!!! I love the title of your blog!!

  2. Love seeing your two boys together. Give me glimpses of Zach and little baby boy. ; )

  3. Thanks for reading! I'm gonna go check out your blog!
    Katie-it is the BEST! Not the easiest, but definitely the best. I never pictured myself with two boys, but I love it!



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