Wednesday, March 24, 2010

all boy{s}

I love love love having boys. Blue has always been my favorite color.

Plus, boys ♥ their Momma.

Lately, I have heard a lot of "Oh he is ALL boy!" from friends, family, random people at the store. I wonder why...

Maybe it's the constant RRRRROOOOAAAARRRRRR noises.

Maybe it's the proclamations of "I Batman!" or "To Infinity and Beyond!"

Maybe it's the every-five-minute wrestling sessions {with Daddy, or innocent bystander which is sometimes brother or big stuffed dog}.

Maybe it's the running, jumping, climbing, etc. etc. etc.

Maybe it's the ever-present cars, trucks, bikes, bulldozers and trains.

Maybe it's the tooting and smiling {repeated several times a day}.

OH how I love my loud, imaginative, rough-and-tumble, energetic, smelly BOY.

I'm pretty sure he will teach it all to his brother.


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