Friday, February 19, 2010


If your primary occupation is tending to little people all day you are most likely:

*tired with a capital T.

*slightly frazzled at all times.

*constantly doing laundry, dishes, diapers, etc. etc. etc.

*very eager to talk to an adult. about ANYthing.

*not raking in the dough.

Now, I did not list any of the good things that you experience as a full-time Momma. I just don't have enough time. But-bein' honest here-some days are difficult. Some days are more than difficult. However, even during the busiest and most tiring days, there are sweet, wonderful, i-will-remember-this-forever moments that are worth more than any paycheck.

Today, those moments came in the form of Jackson asking me to love on him (well of course! all day long!) and saying "I love you Mommy". Now-he has said "I love you" and "Mommy" lots of times but when he put it all together it Oh-and he also tried to pick my nose today. He is a boy remember! Another snapshot of today that will stay with me is my sweet Brayden-who is growin' and growin'-smiling SO BIG at the sound of my voice. Ohhowhappythatmakesme!!!!

I am so beyond THANKFUL for my sweet/happy/healthy/amazing/adorable (ok I'll stop) babies. And their Daddy is pretty awesome too :)


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