Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Still here.

We're still here! Surviving. Even thriving some days. Alot of days, actually.

I would NEVER say having 4 kids 4 and under is easy...but it's not as hard as I thought (feared) it would be.

Probably 5 out of 7 days we don't leave the house but that's ok. When we get stircrazy I just remind myself it's just a phase and before we know it, we'll be all over town at baseball, soccer and dance.

The babies are doing really good. Lyla had some major weight gain issues but hopefully we are on the downhill part of that struggle. At their 2 month appt she was almost 8lbs and Landry was almost 10lbs. They are starting to look around alot, notice their mobile, hold their heads up and just generally be awake and alert instead of snoozing all day. Thankfully though, there is still quite a bit of napping going on! We've had a couple of hospital stays, one for phototherapy and one for fever/congestion.

The big boys are also doing well. Jackson is super excited right now about everything school-related (they go to MDO one day a week). He's very into numbers and letters, and he constantly talks about getting frog stickers so he can go to the treasure box! Brayden is really warming up to the babies (he never acted badly towards them, just indifferent). He tells them he loves them now but seems to think both of them are named Landry :)

We have really been focusing on spending time with just the big boys, separately and together. When one of us has to run into town, we'll grab one of them to ride with us for a little alone time. We've also had a few outings...Disney on Ice (courtesy of Medical City!) and The Lorax. There have been a few park trips and some playing outside as well!

I think overall we are all adjusting well! Here are several pictures in no particular order. I would love to caption them all but duty calls!!

{A friend that is stationed overseas sent this to the boys. Pretty cool!!}

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  1. Wow, you've got a lot of babies! How many kiddos do you guys want in your tribe? We want lots, but I'm still nursing Ezra (19 months old) and JUST got my cycle back. Wish I could have mine closer, but it's impossible for me. You're very lucky, mama!



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