Monday, August 9, 2010

PET scan {that wasn't}

Oh what a day.

This morning we got up at 5, got dressed and ready, loaded bags and kids and headed to my moms to drop off the baby.

Then, we drove 45 minutes to North Dallas.

Next, we made our way into the Children's building, after finding a new way due to construction.

After getting inside, we waited, played, got vitals checked, answered the same 100 questions that were answered Thursday, waited some more, played some more, and read some books, all while telling Jackson No, we can't go home yet and No, you can't have any milk (heartbreaking).

And THEN. A sweet little lady walked out and called our name. So we start to stand up and gather our stuff to head back.

But oh no. She motions for us to sit. And starts talking. About how the machine was not working well this morning.

She should have stopped there.

Because next she told me that they did not know we were coming(!!) so there was not an anesthesiologist prepared to sedate Jackson. Obviously, someone at some point, did not follow through. Enter angry, frustrated, upset, not happy AT ALL Momma.

I am sure I would have been less upset had the only issue been the machine, because that is completely out of anyone's hands. But the other issue? Avoidable, 100%. I can't help but be irritated at the unknown person who made that mistake. Whoever it was, it was their lucky day. If that mistake was the only thing holding us back from moving forward with this process, I am pretty sure Ryan and I would have been hunting that person down. We were devastated when that little lady told us we would not have answers today.

Either way, it doesn't matter. It was not meant to happen today, no matter how much effort we put into making it happen. It's not our timing, or our plan, which is frustrating at times like this. Times when you are DESPERATE for an answer.

We had the option of trying again at 4:00 today, but Jackson would have had to stop eating at 9:30am and there was no guarantee that the machine would be working. He had already been put through enough and that is entirely too long for a 2.5 year old to not eat or drink. Bless his heart, he dove into his little box of snacks once we figured out the scan wasn't happening.

He was also pretty stoked to dig into a HUGE cupcake that we picked up at the hospital bakery on the way out.

Thankfully, Jackson got to plan in another new area of the Children's building and he is looking forward to going back and playing again.

We go back tomorrow. Our PET is scheduled for 11:00. I talked to the anesthesiologist so he knows we are coming. :) We have to be there at 9:00am which maybe allows for more sleep, but we will be waking Jackson up at 4:00am to eat before his 5:00am cutoff.

We meet with the doctors at 3:00.

I know I have asked for prayers a lot lately, but please pray that tomorrow goes smoothly, for Jackson to have no discomfort, for us to receive positive news, for patience and understanding. We are so grateful to have your prayers.

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act...
Psalm 37:7



  1. I love these pictures..they do seem to take good care of the babies while they wait for their doctors and appointments. I can not imagine the pain of not getting your answers today...but like you, just was not the day. I guess Wes's birthday will be a better day to get great news. I just know it is going to be great news. You know I love you all and you are in my prayers daily. Keep the happy thoughts. I wish you only the best of luck tomorrow....

  2. I am still angry for you. Our last scan as you may remember went down something like yours and I was furious. We've had so many scans now the the PICU anesthesiologist is very familiar with us and squeezed us in last time.

    Tomorrow is a better day! I can feel it. =)

    Jackson is too cute in these pictures!

  3. Hello there...I was catching up on Jenny Scott's blog and perusing the comments section. You posted a comment about Dr G being your son's doctor so I clicked on the link to your blog. After looking at your pictures...I realized Jackson was the cute little boy playing with "Woody" in the playroom on July 26. We chatted briefly while my son was getting his spinal done. I do pray Jackson's PET scan and MRI showed good results. He's a cute little guy :) We've been dealing with this cancer journey for over 2 years so if you ever need a listening ear I'd be more than happy to be there for you.

    Peace of our Lord be with you,



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