Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Count check, scans and 5k

We headed to the hospital yesterday for a count check (so much for a week off!). His counts are low (750) but that is to be expected considering he just had a big chemo.
They will drop more before heading back up.

The appointment was pretty quick and there is not much to note (weight was down a tiny bit and bp was fine) except that his port was a little weird when the nurse accessed it to draw the blood. She said it felt and looked a little different to her and he actually said "ouch" when she poked him. He didn't say it like he was in pain though and she felt confident that it didn't hurt him (I'm sure she has seen some pretty big, ugly reactions).

One of the doctors also gave us some more pictures from his MRI in May. He keeps telling me he will email me the PowerPoint of all of the images, but he hasn't (he must be busy or something haha). The pictures show just how big the tumor is. They are still just laying on the counter because neither Ryan or I really want to look at them, and I still don't have any darts to throw at them :(

{LOVED the airplane}

{Found a Superman sticker!}

{Beautiful boy}{Name that song!}

{He wanted NO help with his shorts}{Notice the popped collar haha}

{Green sucker, of course!}

{Hanging out with Gram}

{The trains are working!}


Today the hospital called to schedule scans. At first I was told that the earliest that both scans could be done back to back is Friday the 13th. Umm, NO! Not on Friday the 13th and not 4 whole days after when we thought they would be. I cannot wait that long.

After some tears and some begging, the (really) nice man was able to schedule the MRI for this Thursday at 8:00am and the PET for Monday at 9:30am. If you could surround Jackson in prayer during those times, I would be forever grateful.

We also have a clinic appointment set for Monday at 2:30 to see the images and possibly hear from the doctors what our plan is going forward. Again, if you could surround our little family in prayer during that time we would so appreciate it.

I feel like we have waited for this for so long (a summer can be an eternity, especially with small boys that you can't take anywhere!) but now that it is here I am very nervous. I am certain I will not be able to breathe while we are waiting for the results.


Now, information on the Heroes for Children 5k.

I have formed The J-Team!! Yay! I am very excited.

Alot of you have asked on Facebook or via email how to register so here are directions:

Go to www.heroesforchildren.org

Click on the 'Events' tab and choose HFC 5k

It will open a page with info on the 5k. On the left side there is a yellow button that says 'Click here to register online'. Click!

That will take you to active.com to actually register. Click on the green button near the top right that says 'Register Now'.

Once you do that it will take through a series of steps. When it asks you to choose your team, you should find 'The J-Team' on the list!

A few more things...

If you have already registered for the HFC 5k, but would like to be apart of The J-Team, just let me know and I will get you added!

The $20 that you pay when you register will go DIRECTLY to families in need.

You get a t-shirt from HFC with your registration. This is not The J-Team shirt.

Please comment here, on Facebook or email if you would like a J-Team shirt for the 5k. This is NOT a fundraiser for Jackson. It is simply a way to show Jackson how many people love and support him! Once I know how many people would like a shirt, I will contact the shirt people for a final price (it's dependent on quantity). Please let me know if you would like one by August 8th.

You can chose to fund-raise for Heroes for Children. You will see this option during your registration. If you fund-raise $150, your registration is free! It's pretty easy to set up a donation site.

Even if you cannot participate in the walk, but you would like to help in some way, you can donate HERE. All money raised goes directly to help families of children with cancer in Texas.

Please, please help if you can. Every dollar counts! People have been so kind to us during our journey and I know just how much ANY kind of support means when you are on the receiving end. Families all over Texas will benefit from your donation or registration for the walk!

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.
Hebrews 13:16



  1. Sending you love and prayers always! Thursday and Monday will bring great news. :) {{{HUGS}}}

  2. things have been crazy around our house since may (non-stop travel) and when i saw your comment i remembered you were in the area (yes, my doc is THE BEST so they must be the same!) and that i needed to play blog catch-up... wow what a whirlwind couple of months for your family! as a mommy to a toddler and a nurse with a heart for sick babes, it brings me to tears just reading up on your sweet man's journey. SO NOT FAIR!!! my heart hurts for you and i'll be surrounding your family in prayers, especially during this week of unknowns.

  3. Y'all are in our prayers! You have the sweetest family. The boys are just so cute in the pics! I can't wait to meet them!

  4. I am interested in the J team shirt! :-) Let me know how much and if you can send it to Colorado. :-)



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