Monday, May 31, 2010

New 'do

{Jackson rockin' his new mohawk}

All in all, we had a pretty good weekend. Ryan didn't have to work at all, which doesn't happen often, so we got to spend some good quality family-of-four time :)

I know many people have prayed hard for us over the past few days, and we appreciate it so much. I can't really say it is getting easier, or that we are doing better, but all the support and love really does make a difference. We have many things to be thankful for during this process and that is what we are trying to focus on, instead of the "why us" and "what if" questions.

Tomorrow is Round 2 of Chemo. Please say a prayer that it all goes smoothly! This will be the first time his port is accessed while he is awake, and I am nervous about how it will go.

Thankfully, he is blissfully unaware that anything is wrong. He has noticed his scar from his biopsy (broke my heart) and he knows he has a boo-boo (his port). He is really the same Jackson, full of energy and love! Of course, he is still two and that means he throws his fair share of tantrums. That has not changed a bit!

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!


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