Friday, February 4, 2011

We skipped naptime today.

This afternoon, while the biggest and the littlest were napping, Jack and I bundled up and went outside for some snow fun.

We were the only people out on our little cul-de-sac and we had an absolute blast.

I love making memories with my babies.

We colored the snow green.

We had snowballs in hand, ready to go.

We walked alot.

We made snow angels.

Pretty good for a first-timer.

We threw snowballs.

Lots and lots of snowballs.

We found our {bundled up} shadows.

Naptime is overrated anyway.

We came inside and Jack watched SuperWhy and had a banana, a juicebox and some Smarties. Oh to have the life of a three year old!

A very sweet, precious, hilarious little boy is 17 months today.

But he is too busy to look at his Momma.



  1. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me!!

    And Holy Batman! When did your boys get so big? It is as if they grew over night!



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